Cave of Hands

Everything went upside down in Year 3 today! We were inspired when we learned about The Cave of Hands. “Cueva de las Manos”, literally “the Cave of Hands”, is located in Río Pinturas, in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. The cave gets its name from the cluster of stenciled outlines of human hands that appear on the cave walls. These rock paintings were made by hunter-gatherer communities estimated to have lived between 13,000 and 9,500 years ago, 

We talked about how the hand prints managed to be drawn on the ceiling of the caves and decided to try our own 'ceiling' paintings! We attached our pieces of paper under our desks and lay on the floor to draw our hand prints! 

We had a great afternoon but we decided that we would stick to working on top of our desks rather than underneath from now on!