Our Gallery

Easter!, by Miss Lovelock

zoo trip, by Mrs Preston

Easter gardens , by Mrs Thomas

Mother’s Day , by Mrs Thomas

Zoo animal masks, by Mrs Thomas

Ipads!, by Miss Halsall

Liverpool Museum 18.3.19, by Miss Halsall

Tackling the Blues at EHU, by Miss Lovelock

Year 6 World Book Day, by Mr Deacon

World Book Day, by Miss Lovelock

Trip to Dewa Museum, by Mrs Thompson

Year 6 Competition Day, by Mr Deacon

Making ice, by Mrs Thomas

Chinese food tasting, by Mrs Thomas

Ordering by height, by Mrs Thomas

Superhero Models , by Mrs Thomas

Survival Skills! , by Miss Lovelock

Woolly Mammoth Invasion!, by Mrs Thompson

Bike -It Biology, by Mrs Thompson

Ordering numbers to 10, by Mrs Thomas

Christmas Decorations, by Mrs Thompson

Diva Lamps, by Mrs Thompson

Poppy Making!, by Mrs Thompson

Hinduism, by Mrs Thompson