Our Gallery

Autumn Walk, by Mrs Hopgood

Nativity, by Mrs Hopgood

Diwali, by Mrs Hopgood

Buddy Asssembly, by Mrs Hopgood

castle art work , by Mrs Griffiths

Beeston Castle, by Mrs Griffiths

The Hunt for Goldilocks!, by Mrs Hopgood

Bread Making with Mellors , by Miss Lovelock

Le Feu D'Artifice, by Miss Lovelock

Homework Extravaganza!, by Mrs Thompson

Mammoth Invasion!, by Mrs Thompson

All Aboard!, by Mrs Thompson

Hinduism, by Mrs Thompson

Unite Martial Arts, by Mrs Thompson

Victorian Southport , by Miss Lovelock

Trip to Botanic Gardens, by Miss Halsall

Colomendy Trip, by Mrs Griffiths