Netball Training is on Wednesdays with Lynne Barnett from Southport Netball Club. 


St John's Netball team made their debut on Tuesday in the first round of matches for Autumn. Our brand new team consisted of Sadie, Ashleigh, Olivia, Luca, Emils, Emma and Alice! in our first match against BDS we took a few minutes to find out feet, but we settled in well - great movement from Alice as Centre and Emma scoring our 5 winning goals! AMAZING! First win of the season! Our second match was against Scarisbrick Hall - this was tough but we still held our own - our defence was being put to work and Sadie, Ashleigh and Olivia had to work extremely hard. A match lost but many lessons learnt. A fabulous effort from all netballers and we look forward to our next match on Thursday 18th October at Larkfield. Player of the match - Emma! 


Glorious evening for a spot of netball! St Johns vs Larkfield was a speedy match! Quick moves, rapid passes and some great marking! Alice was put through her paces as centre but worked the mid court with ease! Some excellent defending and marking from Ashleigh and Emils tonight - they didn’t let their opponents out of their sight! 3 goals scored  - 2 from Luca and 1 from Emma! Match finished 5:3 to Larkfield. Onto the next match for autumn after half term! Player of the match: Ashleigh.



St John's traveled to Churchtown to play their last match for Autumn term. It was a very cold night and we needed to wrap up warm - but not for long! The team were soon getting hot as they were whizzing around the court attacking and defending well. Luca and Emma played seamlessly together in the D which resulted in 2 goals! Our defense was put to the test but was strong with many interceptions. Emils and Emma worked the middle third well. Game ended 3-2 to Churchtown - their last goal was scored in the last 20 seconds! A great effort to all - player of the match: Ashleigh - I've never seen a GD move and intercept like she did last night! She certainly worked extremely hard! Well done all!