JOY Team

J.O.Y Team (Jesus, Others, Yourself)

Our J.O.Y Team consists of two representitives from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. Their job is to help to lead and promote Christian values throughout our school.

Their current responsibilities include:

  • helping to present certificates in Celebration Assembly
  • reading prayers during Collective Worship
  • helping to serve during Eucharists
  • writing out and presenting birthday cards to all of our children

This role is new at St. John's and we are looking forward to seeing their responsibilites grow throughout the year.

This is what we have done so far this year ...

Fylde Road Chippy

Our year started with a treat and a team building exercise for the School Council and JOY team to Fyld Road Chippy to take part in a workshop based around healthy eating and a balanced diet. The children identified different types of fish and learnt about where the chip shop's produce came from. They had a great time making their own fishcakes and they tasted incredible! 




Staff Portraits

We worked with the JOY team for this project and we were all very excited about doing it! Our staff board in our school entrance was looking a little bit dull so, we wanted to update it so we decided to carry out this project. We wanted the children in our school to draw the teachers and take some ownership of designing our staff board. You can imagine the staff were a little bit worried! We took pictures of each member of staff and decided who would draw who for each class. 

Once all the children had drawn the staff portraits, the School Council and JOY team met up and voted which portrait was the best resemblance of each teacher. We were astonished at the portraits all of the children had drawn - they were incredible! This made it even harder to vote but we had a great time voting together. You can see our teacher portraits on our website and in our school entrance!